Seeblick specialist spa clinic


Project Description

Our specialized spa and training center was opened in 1991. We view ourselves as a specialized spa hotel, rather than a wellness hotel. All the same, we do everything for your well-being! However, your stay with us should bring about not only a feeling of being well rested, but the good sensation of actively doing something for your body and health. Seeblick offers you many possibilities for achieving this: Under medical supervision, we offer a wide range of complementary medical treatments as well as medical wellness according to the most up-to-date knowledge. Instead of diets, we rely on our own metabolic therapy and the EPD® nutrition programme. And finally, we also have our sights set on sustainable, long-term success: We offer daily courses and lectures to provide you with the necessary knowledge, allowing you to implement what you have learned at home and maintain your achievements. The medically managed Seeblick specialist spa clinic has 24 rooms with a total of 36 beds.

Project Detail