About the hepart group switzerland

The hepart group is one of the pioneers in the field of personalised nutrition, especially micronutrient supply.

The individualised micronutrient mixtures in Swiss quality are based on the principle of “measure-make-measure”.

The individual composition of the micronutrient mixtures is determined from questionnaires and laboratory diagnostics

With their services, the network partners of the hepart group contribute to customised solutions from a single source. From the analysis of metabolic markers (via partner laboratories), through personalised nutritional supplements, to professionally supervised metabolic therapy, which is offered via therapeutic practices from our network of therapists or in our own Seeblick specialist spa.

The concepts fulfil all the criteria that modern nutrition must meet:

Scientific, effective, economical.

Our grain expertise is metabolic regulation, supporting the balance between regeneration and degeneration, for optimal metabolic processes functioning in homeostasis.

We have been developing and producing concepts for maintaining health and regulating the metabolism to maintain homeostasis since 1983.

Our concepts do justice to the uniqueness of each human organism and contribute to nutrition and maintaining quality of life.

Products and services are marketed at home and abroad under our own label. The company has its own international patents and property rights. Contract and white label orders are also accepted on request.

Our mission statement:

We are the source for self-directed, personalized health solutions.

We convince through quality and innovation.

We give you a good feeling every day.