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Nutritional supplements produced exclusively for you in a short time frame.

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Technology – all in One

The micronutrients are separately processed into granules in Switzerland using a patented process, and then assembled into an exclusive dietary supplement under your own brand.

Choose from over 120 micronutrients (minerals, amino acids, vitamins, plant extracts, super-foods).

The advantage for the consumer is that they can take all selected micronutrients in a single spoonful. This saves the customer the need to buy and take multiple products.

HEPART AG – over 30 years of experience in metabolic optimisation and micronutrient supplementation

We know what micronutrients people need and how to make them available to the metabolism in a natural way. With this unique know-how, we support you from the conception to the realisation of your own micronutrient products and other food supplements.


The micronutrients are gently incorporated into a plant-based water-hydrocolloid biomatrix without the use of chemicals, and are then granulated. The nutrients are then present in dissolved, hydrocolloid form, as in fruits and vegetables. This ensures optimal bioavailability and absorption – from the biomatrix, for the biomatrix.

Figure: Swelling of the biomatrix in water (swelling factor 1 : 35)

Calcium, chromium,
iron, iodine, potassium,
magnesium, Selenium,
Silicon, Zinc, etc.

Vitamin A, Vitamin B1,
Vitamin B12, Vitamin C,
Vitamin D3, etc.

Brokkoli, Ginseng,
Granatapfel, Karotte, Rotkohl,
Tomate, Sanddorn, etc.

Amino acids
L-Arginine, L-Carnosine,
L-Glutamine, L-Methionine,
Taurine, etc.

Plant extracts
Ginkgo extract, ginseng
extract, curcumin, piperine,
grape seed extract, etc.

HCK® micronutrients



The entire production process – from manufacturing and mixing granules to filling and packaging – takes place at our Kreuzlingen production facilities. We produce and test according to EU and Swiss quality requirements, and use natural ingredients whenever possible.


Products and packaging

We are happy to advise you on the composition of your mixture, and can also draw on medical expertise.

We offer a generous selection of packaging options for optimal filling.

We also have a wide variety of special formulations according to application areas.

Z. E.g. sports, sleep, hair & nails, anti-ageing, carbohydrate metabolism, energy, tiredness & fatigue and many more, which can be customised according to your wishes.

  • Blend according to your specifications
  • Blend according to application areas – customisable
  • Advice with medical expertise and our own studies
  • Packaging in your desired size
  • Filling in customised packaging (e.g. tins, sticks, etc.)
  • Label printing in various sizes and designs

Please ask for samples and references.


HEPART micronutrient blends are tested for:

  • heavy metals
  • microbiology
  • pesticides
  • solvents
  • plasticizers
  • anabolic steroids
  • stimulants
  • etc.

Unintentional contamination is excluded by applying the GMP/HACCP guidelines.

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