Project Description

Food supplements with Swiss precision.

One goal is to guide people towards healthier eating behaviors; another is to ensure that malnutrition and faulty diet can be compensated. This is borne out by the figures from health statistics. Diet-related diseases are on the rise: Obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular, cancer and inflammatory diseases.

In reality and with corresponding supply, people eat what tastes good to them and primarily not what is good for them. This can be observed most readily at the dessert buffet: Fruit salads and fruit usually remain almost untouched, while caramel pudding and chocolate mousse are quickly gone. This is exactly where Provisan® supplements and super-foods come in.

The balanced mix between healthy and enjoyable nutrition and targeted supplementation with micronutrients, fibers, fatty acids and amino acids is the sustainable key to health, fitness, vitality and joy in life that can be implemented in everyday life for everyone.

Project Detail