IABC Institute of Applied Biochemistry AG


Project Description

The Institute for Applied Biochemistry, IABC® AG, has been involved in individualized micronutrient medicine since its beginnings in 1993.

Instead of documenting the course of a disease only after it has already occurred, metabolic processes and degradation products that play an important role in balancing health and disease ahead of time are analyzed using laboratory techniques. Micronutrients can positively influence the processes, making a significant contribution to maintaining your health.

Our investigation methods provide invaluable services to reach this goal: The combination of suitable markers and functional analytics makes it possible to compile a therapeutically effective catalogue of measures in the areas of nutrition, exercise and relaxation/regeneration depending on stature, gender, nutritional habits, life circumstances and even genetic predisposition.

These measures can then be readjusted in each case based on timed monitoring. Furthermore, the IABC AG assumes a supporting role within our production and service range as a monitoring body to ensure consistently high quality and ongoing development work.

Project Detail