IABC Institute of Applied Biochemistry AG


Project Description

The Institute for Applied Biochemistry, IABC® AG, has been involved in individualised micronutrient optimisation since its beginnings in 1993.

Metabolic processes and degradation products that play an important role in balancing health (homeostasis) are analysed in the laboratory. Micronutrients can positively influence these processes and thus make a significant contribution to maintaining your health.

Our analysis methods provide invaluable services on the way there: The combination of suitable markers and functional analysis enables health and medical professionals to compile a therapeutically effective catalogue of measures in the areas of nutrition, exercise and relaxation/regeneration, depending on the stature, gender, dietary habits, living conditions and even genetic predisposition of their clients.

These measures can then be adjusted on the basis of timed control measurements. IABC AG also plays a key role in our range of services by monitoring the consistently high quality of our concepts and developing them further.

The IABC analysis provides information on individual micronutrient requirements. It is based on personal lifestyle information and, if necessary, is supplemented by laboratory analyses, which the IABC has carried out by accredited partner laboratories. The IABC report does not replace a medical history or diagnosis and cannot provide any information on disease risks.

The IABC analysis is followed by a detailed report and a personalised micronutrient recommendation. This recommendation should not be seen as a substitute for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. The micronutrient recommendation is intended to supplement the diet and contributes to normal metabolic functions through its nutritional or physiological effect as a basis.

Our customers have access to a broad network of independent experts who specialise in their respective fields – mostly in the areas of exercise, nutrition and complementary medicine – to optimise their health and clarify health complaints. The therapist search will take you to specialists who also work with our concepts, among others.

Project Detail