Hepart AG


Project Description

Hepart AG has manufactured its products according to traditional Swiss quality standards since 1983. We emphasize the highest production standards in order to offer our health-conscious customers and distribution partners the greatest possible reliability.

Examples of our conscientious manufacturing processes include our individualized HCK® micronutrient mixtures, which are combined specifically for each customer from high-quality raw materials after analysis in our specialist laboratory. The evaluation of these raw materials is carried out according to very strict selection criteria: They are the basis for our high-quality standards. This is the only way in which we can lastingly meet the goals we set for ourselves. Not only are our products regularly inspected during production; their effectiveness is also subject to constant review and – where necessary – improvements. The same applies to the manufacturing processes. We can therefore justifiably describe our services as state-of-the-art. This is how we ensure consistently high-quality standards.

We also produce the specialized products for the EPD® nutrition program, the Provisan® dietary supplements and, for many customers, white-label products on a contract basis.

Project Detail