Project Description

As one of the first conventional physicians in Europe, the founder of the specialist clinic for metabolic diseases in Lindenfels (Germany) PD Dr. med. habil. Hans Desaga (1912-2002) recognized more than 40 years ago that metabolic syndrome (obesity, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and type II diabetes) is directly related to our diet and lifestyle. Based on these findings, Dr. Desaga developed his own metabolic and nutritional therapy early on – known as the “Optimal Diet”.

Together with Andreas Hefel (founder of the Seeblick specialist spa clinic in Berlingen, Switzerland), this special nutrition program has been and is being continuously developed. Today’s EPD nutrition program is much more than a diet. It is a metabolic therapy that has successfully defied all the diet movements and nutrition trends of the past 30 years. The reason is very simple: The EPD nutrition program works!

For countless users in recent years, the EPD nutrition program has provided a starting point in finding better health and quality of life. This is proven by the many success stories submitted to us by satisfied customers. Even though weight reduction was a vital reason for most users, it is certainly not the only one: In addition to weight problems, there are various other reasons to do something good for your body with EPD, such as high blood pressure, poor cholesterol levels, insulin resistance and diabetes, fatigue syndrome, inflammatory diseases, or a general desire for preventive health care.

The specialized EPD® products specifically and measurably activate detoxification mechanisms and regenerative and repair processes in the metabolism (known as autophagy).

Project Detail