Project Description

As one of the first conventional physicians in Europe, the founder of the Specialist Clinic for Metabolic Diseases in Lindenfels (Germany) PD Dr med. habil. Hans Desaga (1912-2002) recognised more than 40 years ago that metabolic syndrome (obesity, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels and type II diabetes) is directly linked to our diet and lifestyle. Based on these findings, Dr Desaga developed his own metabolic and nutritional therapy early on – the “optimal diet”.

Together with Andreas Hefel (founder of the Fachkurhaus Seeblick in Berlingen, Switzerland), this special metabolic programme has been and continues to be developed further at the Fachkurhaus Seeblick in Berlingen. The metabolic programme used today under medical supervision is far more than just a diet. It is a metabolic therapy that has successfully defied all dietary movements and nutritional trends of the last 30 years. The reason for this is quite simple: the Seeblick metabolic programme works!

With this experience in mind, the EPD® nutrition programme was developed with a range of special foods – also for home use without medical supervision. The products of the EPD® nutrition programme are special foods (foods for a weight-controlling diet) in combination with a distribution of the usual 3 meals into 15 smaller portions. They support the balance of metabolic processes and thus help with weight control.

Project Detail